Citi Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Citi Login:

1. Load the website using this link:
2. On the "User ID" block, type in the User ID you created for your account.
3. Right below the User ID, type in your password. 
4. On the scroll menu that says "Take me to..." choose exactly where do you want to go. This way the page takes you exactly to where you want to go and you don't lose time. If you don't click on any it will take you to another page in where you will have to choose where you want to go. It's easier and faster if you select a place at first.
5. Click on "Sign On".


If you forget your password or User ID, don't mess with that, this could be a serious problem. Follow this guide and reset your credentials immediately:

1. Load the same credit card services login page as above.
2. Below the login blocks, says "Forgot User ID or password?". Click on that.
3. Focus on the first column on the page, which is for banking and credit card customers. 
4. On the block provided, type in your credit card number. 
5. Click on "Continue"
6. Follow the steps that they will provide you in order the retreive your information or create a new one.

Don't keep unanswered questions to yourself. Call the bank using this information provided:

Online Banking and Citi Financial Tools Support: 1-800-374-9700
Bank Account Information: 1-800-627-3999
Online Technical Assistance: 1-800-347-4934
Lost or Stolen Credit Cards or General Account Information: 1-800-950-5114

Mailing addresses: 
Regular Payments: Citibank / Choice 
                            P.O. Box 183037 
                            Columbus, OH 43218-3051
General Correspondence: Citibank Customer Service 
                                     P.O. Box 6500 
                                     Sioux Falls, SD 57117